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CIMEE, an indigenous, private maritime training institution, which was established in 2015 to deliver exceptional and best-in-class and safety in Maritime sector.

CIMEE emphasize marine education; specially for offshore, oil and gas Industry. At CIMEE, we countinuously strive for Improvement and look forward to deliver the best in terms of training. Our core strength is safety training and skill development for the offshore,oil & gas and the maritime sector. The company's training programs are world-class in content and delivery, and are all backed by the right faculty teams. Our faculty teams, empowered to help participants get started and accomplish program objectives at the nick of time, are made up of exceptional instructors with the passion and zeal to impact outstanding skills and world-class knowledge.


CIMEE has a very clear vision of imparting Education and training at its best!

CIMEE will focus on becoming one of the best Maritime education and training provider which will be will be the choice of seafarers and other professionals in the marine industry, by continuously striving for Improvement rather than Perfection. We will maintain our commitment to quality instruction and training services in maritime education.

We focus on quality training to stay pertinent in tomorrow’s world.

CIMEE Mission is to Improve the art of training and education in maritime sector.

Our vision is to provide fruitful results to the students in the best possible manner

Our mission is to become the industry leader in India in the next three years

building great experiences has its fair share of big challenges


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